Haunted Hospitals to Have the UK and Ireland Shuddering Following Pre-Sale to Quest Red

Haunted Hospitals to Have the UK and Ireland Shuddering Following Pre-Sale to Quest Red

News April 9, 2018

Leading global distributor Kew Media Group has pre-sold Julie Bristow’s Bristow Global Media’s (BGM) 13 x one hour non-fiction paranormal series, Haunted Hospitals to Discovery’s Quest Red in the UK and Ireland ahead of its international launch at MIPTV 2018.

Produced by BGM, and commissioned by Blue Ant Media for its T+E channel in Canada, Quest Red will bring the show, which tells chilling stories of supernatural activity inside hospitals, nursing homes, morgues and mental institutions, to UK and Irish audiences on the free-to-air entertainment channel later this year.

Jamie Watkins, Acquisitions Manager at Discovery UK and Ireland, said, “Paranormal happenings are a universal topic of fascination for all of us, and that, coupled with Bristow Global Media’s pedigree in producing premium non-fiction series, is sure to hold huge appeal for our viewers in the UK who are constantly searching out eye-opening, jaw-dropping content.”

Stephen Joy, VP Sales, Distribution at Kew Media Group, added, “We’re all familiar with that inevitable feeling we get walking into a hospital, but this show shines a spotlight on the reasons why. Chilling, uncomfortable and spookily relatable – I have no doubt this series is going to strike a chord with UK viewers.”

In Haunted Hospitals past patients come back from the grave to seek revenge. Medical professionals insist on tending to their ward – even in death. Spirits stalk corridors to warn against impending danger…and these are not random encounters.

The fear-soaked stories told first-hand by doctors, nurses and patients are personal testimonies from medical professionals, keeping the storytelling authentic and the horror close at hand. Every story is a nightmarish mix of paranormal encounter and hair-raising mystery, as we unravel the tale of the troubled souls behind the hauntings…

Haunted Hospitals was developed by BGM’s development team of Julie Bristow, President and CEO, Sean Connolly, VP Development and Marlo Miazga, VP Content.

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