Canada: The Story of Us

Canada: The Story of Us

Based on the internationally successful format created by Nutopia, the 10 X 60-minute series will air exclusively on CBC in 2017 to coincide with Canada’s 150th anniversary.

The epic, adventure history series tells the story of Canada and its people in a new way for a new generation. It’s the story of adventurers and innovators, warriors and peacemakers, scientists and engineers, entrepreneurs and rule breakers. Against impossible odds, in a vast and hard land they create a nation of tolerance and justice.

Renowned Canadian historian and acclaimed author, John English and Gerald McMaster, curator, author, artist and educator of Indigenous Studies are the primary consultants on the series, with several notable Canadian scholars providing historical expertise including Margaret MacMillan, Tim Cook and Rick Hill among others.

THE STORY OF US format has aired in Australia, the U.K.  and the U.S.

Television/ January 1, 2015

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