Cleared for Chaos 9/11

Cleared for Chaos 9/11

Cleared for Chaos 9/11 is a 2×1-hour documentary special telling the gripping story of how Air Traffic Controllers in the small Canadian town of Gander, Newfoundland pulled off the impossible.

4,500 planes are in the air over North America when a second jet strikes the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. A third jet slams into the Pentagon. Dick Cheney gives the order to clear the skies. At that very moment, 400 planes are westbound toward the US across the Atlantic. 167 are past the point of no return and must land immediately… what happens next depends on the actions of a bunch of Air Traffic Controllers at the edge of the North Atlantic.

Cleared for Chaos 9/11 is being developed for Bell Media’s Discovery Networks in Canada, with plans to begin shooting in Gander in September 2018.

Coming Soon/Factual/Television/ December 16, 2019

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