It’s My Party

It’s My Party

From the Hindu Festival of Holi to a Bat Mitzvah to Kwanzaa to the Vietnamese Moon Festival, viewers are taken on a fascinating journey of discovery into different communities within Canada. It’s My Party offers a fresh take on the celebrations and explores the origins and meaning behind different elements – all from a child’s perspective.

Each episode pairs up two kids who have never met before, one will act as the party guide, the other will be their VIP guest. These two newfound friends jump in feet first into new cultural experiences, participating in a series of challenges and games linked to the food, fashion and festivities of the dynamic celebrations, which culminates in a lively performance.

Slated to premiere in 2018 on TVO, the 13 x 22-minute series is geared for kids 6 to 9.

Television/ January 1, 2015

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